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Air fresheners are the devil…

Hello, dear readers. I have asthma. And it sucks, big time. I have been developing more chemical and fragrance sensitivities as time goes on. Unfortunately, no matter how I try to explain this to my coworkers, they continue to spray, or bring in things that flare up my symptoms. I’ve been dealing with this for years, and years… and years.

But I don’t suffer alone, do I? No. You probably work with the same types of fragrance ignorance folks as well.

Yep, I said it. FRAGRANCE IGNORANCE: A sect of humans that are incapable of realizing or understanding how toxic these types of products are.

Only Hell could inspire something as insidious as air fresheners, deodorizers, plug-ins, liquid diffusers, etc… need I say more? Are you getting anxious just thinking about them? I know I do. My lungs hate them. It scares me to know that there have been more studies in recent years showing that they can do serious damage to the lungs over time.

That’s right… serious damage. Just type it into your preferred search engine.

It’s not that they don’t try to assist me at work, but they never seem to get the point. My supervisors send out emails to the floor asking folks not to spray things, or use certain things. But since my supervisors are not as obsessively educated as I am in this subject, their emails tend to fall on deaf ears and eventually, I start to smell things in the air again.

The emails never last!… *cries*

I don’t know about you fellow respiratory sufferers, but to me, air fresheners are almost worse than second hand smoke due to some of the chemicals in them.

For example, my lungs were on fire today by the time I left work. They keep moving me around, and emailing the floor, but I’m still reacting to things that are still around. So, as all asthmatics who want to keep their jobs and not “pester their bosses too much about their need to breathe at work every day”…… we go into survival mode.

I went to Home Depot today to buy up plants to put on my desk. After all, NASA did a study years ago that shows how well they can clean up chemicals in the air. And I have tried a few and they have worked to a certain degree. But they don’t absorb everything. It’s impossible with the shear amount of chemicals in various air freshener brands.

But that’s the problem isn’t it? We buy plants, move to another location in the office, wear masks, etc, and it never really solves the main problem of people not bringing their smelly pieces of Satan into work.

Can I get an “amen” and a “sigh”?  Hallelujah Jesus… save my lungs, oh Lord!

I’m not particularly religious, but as our symptoms continue and become more chronic, we asthmatics will try anything at work, to find relief from the air freshener haze. We pray to the gods above every day to smite and strike down the evil-doers in our office who absolutely insist on buying that new pumpkin spice table top air freshener to show off to the girls at work.

Sometimes, the emails to the floor work… but then new people get hired. Ewww… new people. You know how we asthmatics hate new people in the office. Why? Because one of them usually ends up bringing in something that we know will get to us eventually. And then we have to go through the whole ordeal again of bugging our bosses to email the floor about it.

It makes me angry. It makes me anxious. And some days, I cry about it. But the problem many of us asthmatics run into, is we need our “toxic” jobs for one important reason… health insurance for our asthma. So, it becomes a double edged sword. Quit, and try to find a job that doesn’t flare up our symptoms, but then lose our insurance. Or, try to stick it out at the job that keeps making us sick year after year which forces us to use our insurance more frequently.

I don’t know what the answer is. Workplaces banned smoking. Why won’t they ban air fresheners? To me, they are just as bad…maybe even worse. As I type this tonight, my lungs are still pinched from what I breathed in at work earlier today. And I’m already feeling anxious about going in tomorrow.

I live in the Lake County area of Illinois, and I can’t find a company anywhere in my county that does not allow air fresheners of any kind in the workplace. Trust me, I’ve looked.. for years. I would start that kind of company myself, for sensitive people like me, if I could.

I know it’s frustrating. So, I wanted to write and share about it…

Share your stories in your comments as well. Are you dealing with this issue at work too? What did you do to solve the problem? Did you have to leave your job eventually? Do you work from home or did you have to go on disability? Do you get occasional irrational thoughts at work about murdering the latest coworker who brought in something new?

*winky face*

Hang in there dear readers…. If you’re a (clearly insane) asthmatic who uses air fresheners or scented candles yourself, for the love of God, get rid of them! Are you crazy?!?

Yours truly, Super Asthma Lung Lady

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Asthma and the weather…

Hello dear readers…

How ya doin’ this week? How’s the weather in your area? Is it as schizophrenic as ours in Illinois?

Ya know, 70 degrees one day with rain, then the temp drops around 40 degrees so that you can have snow the next? (I am not kidding, that has actually happened this week)

Ah, the fall… the most wonderful… retched time of the year. In Lake County they still allow “fall burning” in certain areas. Ugh. My lungs hate that. They hate smoke of any kind. It’s not just the odor, but the little particulates floating around in the air that can get down keep into the lungs.

So, I am officially miserable for a few months in the fall. I used to love this time of year, along with spring. Not so much anymore.

I realize that I should be grateful that I live in a country where the government at least tries to clean up the air for us. If I lived in China or any other developing countries that are not regulating their air pollution, I’d be long dead by now.

But the fall can still be frustrating for folks like me, because I can’t go playfully jump into a pile of raked leaves. The mold growing in the leaves, or anything else stirred up into the air can now send me into a coughing fit. But I enjoyed raking them as a kid.

Why do things have to get worse we we get older. I used to love the smell of a smoking grill outside when folks would throw on meat to cook in the summer. Now, I have to make sure I’m inside if I visit a friend who wants to grill. But I still get wistful memories when I notice it in the air.

So, when I used to see all those raked piles of leaves as a kid, I used to think it was fun and neat. Now, when I drive by and see them in yards in the fall, I’m filled with a sense of dread. “Look at all the dead fuel for burning and fires!” Ugh.

I don’t know if I believe in God, but I do believe in an afterlife, and in the next one, I want really strong healthy lungs that can handle all kinds of hazards.

I just want to enjoy raking leaves again, man. Have a good weekend, all.

  • SALL

LUNGS, does thou betray thee! (meh)

Hello dear readers…

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a bit but I had another bad flareup this past week. Darn air fresheners at work again! But luckily, my supervisor sent out a new email that seems to be a bit more effective. So, doing a bit better today… (for now… *dramatic music*)

How are you all feeling this week? Have you checked your peak flow meters my pretties?

Asthma can be frustrating, but sometimes, it feels as if our own bodies are betraying us. I look in the mirror in the bathroom at home sometimes when I’m having trouble and think, why me? Why did I get asthma? Why did my lungs develop the way they did? It’s ironic because my brother ended up a smoker, and I ended up with the asthma. Go figure.

If I didn’t have asthma, I’d probably be a smoker too…heh. (It just looks cool)

I’ve even been using a bowl of vinegar in the room they put me in at work to help absorb and neutralize any fragrances that get sprayed into the air, since they travel once they do. It helps a bit, but then I reek of vinegar and I get weird looks from folks at work. lol.

Did I mention how much I don’t care anymore though? Once you’ve struggled with asthma for enough years and work is part of the problem, you start to feel angry and resentful towards your coworkers since they contribute to your misery with their air fresheners, perfumes, etc. So, after awhile you start to become jaded and bitter and don’t really give a flying circus of monkeys what they think of you anymore.

They, are the enemy after all. You secretly wish you could drown them in a giant vat of their own disgusting perfumes, so that they know what it feels like to gag on the stuff, but since you’re actually not a violent person and don’t want to go to prison, you keep these random homicidal thoughts to yourself.

But, it’s still fun to fantasize. For an asthmatic, sometimes our imaginations are our only escape. I suppose I should consider myself lucky though. I haven’t had to be hospitalized for an asthma attack for many years. I am part of an asthma group on Facebook, and many of the group’s members are in the hospital all the time, sometimes for days or even weeks.

So, I try to be grateful that I’m not that severe, but when I’m having symptoms it’s hard to be grateful for anything. I still get anxious, pissed off, sad, etc. It can be very frustrating, especially if the symptoms go on for days and days. I’ll even curse at my peak flow meter and accuse it of lying to me. “My chest is tight, there’s no way my number is above 450…no way… you lie!”

But that’s ok. Better to take out my asthma or steroid med rage on a plastic breathing capacity thingy than anything else, right?

One of the worse things we asthmatics do when we’re having symptoms is eat emotionally. Fried and fatty foods do not help reduce the inflammation in our bodies, but for some reason, we crave really salty or sweet foods when we’re having trouble. I’m not sure why that is since “bad” foods can contribute to asthma symptoms by increasing inflammation. But, there it is. My lungs are feeling ok, then I eat an apple. My lungs are getting bad, I need french fries AND icecream stat!

For example, I love Thanksgiving dinner, but should an asthmatic really be eating a ton of turkey in one night due to the sedative effect of the tryptophan in it? That can’t be good for the lungs…something that puts the nervous system to sleep? But every year, I gorge on turkey, get drowsy, and hope for the best.

So, that’s my update for now my kittens and puppies. I’m a bit tired, otherwise I’d continue to ramble on.

I hope you have a nice weekend, whether you read my blog or not.





Asthmatics hate the holidays…

Hello dear readers…

I used to love Halloween, years ago. Now, due to my growing fragrance and chemical sensitivities, all this time of year does is throw me into the pits of despair.

*curls up in a corner and cries*

I used to love holiday decorations too. Now, I have started to loathe them. Mostly, due to the fact that many of them are made cheaply, and some are sprayed down with fragrances. I don’t know what god awful chemicals are sprayed on decorations these days, but modern Halloween ones seem to “reek” of some of the worst. (Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations are just as bad!).

They always flare my lungs up now, always. It drives me bonkers, because every year I have to put up with breathing in various fragrances from things that folks bring in or put up at work.

The fake spider webbing is especially bad, because the webs act like “stringy sponges” hanging everywhere, capturing other fragrances in the air around them. So, on top of whatever additional fragrances are in the decorations, the webs also start to smell like various air fresheners, perfumes, etc, that may be in the office. (Air fresheners are the devil).


Of course, as asthmatics, we look like jerks if we want certain decorations taken down. So, we usually “tough” out the holidays even if experiencing regular symptoms, counting the days until the decorations are finally taken or packed away.

Haunted houses have also now become a problem for me. Various smoke machines, fragrances in the air, and other odors trigger my symptoms. So, now I avoid those too.

When Christmas decorations start going up at the stores, so do the additional shelves of those lovely “smelly” holiday candles and other various holiday items that have added fragrances to them.


If most of the public were aware of how toxic these additional “scents” added to various holiday products are to the lungs, they might think twice about buying them every year.

Or, maybe they wouldn’t care. They have “normal” lungs and can tolerate “normal’ things my lungs cannot. Most folks don’t notice things that can’t get to them directly.

But unfortunately, for us “strained breathers”… we notice everything. We don’t have a choice. We’d like to enjoy the Christmas tree that was put up at the office, but now our nose and lungs are telling us that something on the tree, or the tree itself may be sprayed with something that’s going to make us absolutely miserable for over a month.

So, for the poor respiratory challenged, sometimes the holidays are indeed, bah humbug!


– SALL (Super Asthma Lung Lady)



My doctor is a Cubs fan…

Hello dear readers…

So, due to my ongoing issues with my lungs lately, my employer wanted me to get an updated note from my doctor, specifying my sensitivities. That, my friends was a problem. I tried to get a note like this from him years ago, and he flat out refused, saying, and I quote, “I do not want to get involved.”

I was shocked when he said this to me. I tried to argue but he would have none of it. So, at the time, since I was desperate to get some kind of note due to the fact that I would have lost my job without one, I started making the rounds of other doctors to see if I could find someone to help me.

I kid you not, it took four more doctors before I found one who was willing to help with this kind of note. The others seemed sympathetic but they seemed just as uncomfortable as he was in helping me, but at least they were nicer about it rejecting me at the time.

I did finally find one doctor to help me, but he told me to write out the note and then he’d sign it, which I did, and they put it in my employee folder at work.(Crying in his office seemed to help encourage him to help me. When all else fails, cry). Case closed.

But now that note is almost ten years old and my employers want an updated one. So, I had to see my doctor last night anyway for some steroid meds due to a recent flareup triggered by some air fresheners at work that some of the girls were using. (Air fresheners are the devil).

I decided to try a different strategy and as he was writing down notes, I told him I needed to ask him a question. He paused and gave me his full attention (he really is a good and kind doctor most of the time which is why I’m still with him after all these years).

I asked him if he was a Cubs fan. He immediately started to beam and excitedly started sharing his adventures in the city the night before. I am not a sports or baseball fan, but I felt genuinely happy for him and nodded my head while smiling accordingly.

After he went back to jotting down more notes I told him I needed to ask him another question. This time he paused a bit but looked back up at me. So, then I proceeded to ask him about needing another updated note from my doctor, specifying my chemical sensitivities. I cringed, waiting for the rejection. He paused a bit, looked at the ceiling and then started to speak as if not sure what to say….I quickly interjected and told him that my employer didn’t care if I wrote the note, they just needed a doctor to sign it. (that was a bit of a white lie but what did it matter if I wrote it as long as he reviewed it before he signed it?)

Then he seemed to find his words and gave me a stern look and proceeded to tell me, that he might be ok with that, but I would have to word the note a certain way, etc, etc. I sat there feeling pleasantly surprised, because I was sooo sure he would not help again. And then I’d have to try and go back to the doctor who did help me with a note almost ten years ago, who I had no idea would help me again, if he was still in practice, etc.

I had dreaded this doctor’s appointment. But my anxiety over it won’t disappear completely, until my current doctor’s signature is on the final note that I draft.

But it did make me wonder now, as it did then, why are so many doctors afraid to help patients with more specific notes for their employers? Is it the fear of lawsuits, or just getting tangled in a patient’s work issues at all? I can’t quite figure it out.

So, that is my goal this weekend. Draft a simple (and to the point) note, that he finds acceptable and will sign for me.

I am crossing my fingers dear readers and I’ll keep you posted on my ongoing asthma drama.

Until then… toodles…

Asthmatics vote for Hillary…

Hello dear readers…

I have no idea if that’s actually true. (heh) I just thought it made an interesting headline, since Hillary does seem more concerned about healthcare for everyone than Trump.

So, what do you think of this election? Have you decided yet? Will you vote at all? Or has voter apathy reached record heights these days?

It’s hard not to feel apathetic about all the awful choices we have running out there these days, whether it’s a president, congress, alderman and other local offices. It’s just depressing.

And what about the ridiculous amount of money one has to spend just to run these days? That alone, to me personally, is criminal. Because then it is only the people with money who can afford to get into office and make decisions for the rest of us.

We need a wider range of folks who can run. It’s the people who don’t have money who need to be in office, because they know how the majority of the country has to live.

End short political vent…

Anyhoo… as far as an update on my lungs. I did make it into work today, but I’m a bit pinched again, even though I was able to sit in another location today.

Have any of you ever run into an issue with your doctor, where you need a note from him for your employer specifying your sensitivities, and he refuses to help? Yeah, that’s my lovely doc. You may ask, why am I still going to him then? Well, I’ve been with him forever, he’s close to where I work, and I’d have to redo all my allergy testing all over again if I changed docs.

But for some reason, when I asked him for help with this type of note for work, he told me that “he didn’t want to get involved”. I was like, huh? You’re my doctor. You’re supposed to get involved. Who else would I be able to get this kind of note from, my dentist?

I started to wonder if it’s due to medical lawsuits and doctors are afraid to get too involved in a patient’s work life, in case the doctor might be called into court to testify (or something) for a patient who might sue a workplace that made them sick.

I dunno. Just another frustration I have to deal with as an asthmatic. Stubborn doctors.

I hope you are having a lovely Thursday night, and… oh yeah, Cubs win!!!





Some 20 Things to Improve your Asthma (like, seriously)

  1. Per my previous post… get rid of all indoor pollution: air fresheners, deodorizers, liquid diffusers, scented candles, moth balls, etc. Anything and everything that can release fragrance (chemicals) into the air all day long is super bad for your lungs over time.
  2. Pay attention to and detect any mold issues in your home. Mold is turning out to be a lot more dire for asthmatics than we may have realized. Don’t let it get a hold of or out of control in your home. Vinegar mixed with tea tree oil is especially effective on all kinds of mold, even the black kind. But call a professional if you have extensive mold damage that needs to be torn out and wood needs to be replaced.
  3. Stop using strong chemicals to clean. And get rid of your bleach. Bleach actually leaves behind a bit of a carbon film which encourages mold to grow back, so then you have to keep using bleach. Vinegar works great on mold and tea tree oil keeps it from growing back since it’s a natural fungicide. Use baking soda if needed. Baking soda and vinegar are great natural non-toxic cleaners.
  4. Wear a mask when you clean and dust, always. Protect your lungs from what you stir up while cleaning. Get rid of your regular laundry detergents and soaps. Try to buy fragrance free or even organic type of detergents.
  5. Replace your pillow every year or so. Encase it in a dust mite cover. Dust mites can cause huge issues for asthmatics due to all the microscopic poo they leave behind that floats up into the air. Encasing your mattress in a dust mite cover can be a good idea too. Keep pets out of the bedroom. Vacuum regularly, but get one with a HEPA filter and bagless vacuum. Even Walmart has a decent selection of allergy vacuums and dust mite covers. Stay away from the vinyl ones if you’re sensitive.
  6. Some folks swear by air purifiers, and for some they don’t help much. Do your research online before you buy one. The more effective kinds usually have a combo of filter types (HEPA, carbon, etc) and a higher ACH (air changes per hour) rating. Stay away from ionizers if you’re more sensitive to the extra ozone they can create, which can aggravate the lungs.
  7. Stop using perfumes, colognes, body sprays, smelly hair products, etc. They have many hidden toxins too. The more chemicals and fragrances you dump on your body, the harder your liver has to work to detox it. Your liver is probably already working overtime to try and detox your body for your lungs. A lot of asthmatics also suffer from adrenal fatigue after years of steroid medications. Give your liver, adrenal glands, and your lungs a break. If you must use a fragrance on yourself, try an organic essential oil like lavender and use it sparingly.
  8. Learn breathing exercises and some meditation to help you relax. They really can help if you’ve gotten stuck in the “asthma panic” we all experience when our symptoms start to get a little scary. Try this next time. Breathe in slowly through your nose, and then exhale out through your mouth. Do it for several minutes. It will help.
  9. Exercise, or try to. Even walking is great for the lungs. Exercise helps build up your lung capacity. If you have exercise induced asthma, then start with something simple like walking. Asthma tends to put a strain on the heart over time, so taking care of our heart with exercise is a good idea too. Asthmatics have a higher rate of heart attacks due to the inflammation from asthma and some of the meds we have to take that rev up our hearts.
  10. Stop smoking if you smoke, or stay away from smokers or smokey places if you don’t. Smoke particulates can get deep into the lungs and cause all kinds of inflammation. Change out your furnace filters frequently to help clean dust and smoke that get trapped in your home’s vent or apartment vent system. Clean window unit air conditioners frequently or change their filters so that mold doesn’t build up.
  11. Stop eating fried and overly processed foods. Fried and fatty foods are bad for asthmatics because they tend to lead to acid reflux issues which can aggravate asthma even more for some. Eating healthier really does help. Try herbs/roots with anti-inflammatory properties like oregano, tumeric, ginger, etc. Look for food lists online that gear towards foods that reduce inflammation in the body. Garlic and fish oils are good. If you can reduce inflammation in the body overall, that will help to reduce inflammation in the lungs as well.
  12. Buy a bunch of plants. NASA tested several years ago, and many are capable of removing all kinds of chemicals we breathe every day from carpeting, furniture, newer construction, etc. Some of them, like the Golden Pathos can even be grown in water, so you don’t have to worry about mold growing in the soil. Plants are great natural air purifiers. Get smooth leaf plants that don’t flower and you won’t have to worry about any pollen allergies. Many are easy to keep alive indoors and don’t need a lot of light. You can find lists of these plants online.
  13. Get enough sleep. Your body heals tissue damage while you sleep. Make sure you are getting enough of it. If you suffer from insomnia, take cat naps if you can. Studies have shown that even short naps can benefit the body. We are all sleep deprived, especially asthmatics who tend to have symptoms at night.
  14. Get outside. It’s easy for us to want to stay indoors with our asthma, especially if we are feeling anxious and want to isolate. As long as the outdoor air doesn’t make your lungs worse, get outside. Indoor air actually tends to be more polluted. We asthmatics tend to be especially low on Vitamin D and other vitamins due to our issues, so we need the outdoors and sun even more sometimes.
  15. If you have insurance that will cover them, consider allergy shots. They work great for some folks and help build up your immune system so that you don’t have to take over the counter meds all the time. Neti pots with saline powder packets dumped into warm water can work great for the sinuses too.
  16. Connect with others. Asthma can be very isolating sometimes. If you can’t get out and meet folks as much as you like because someone’s perfume, etc, might set off your symptoms, try to connect online. There are asthma groups on Facebook, etc. Or start an asthma blog like me or even a YouTube video about your asthma experiences. Just talking to others about your symptoms who know what you’re going through can help.
  17. Use your peak flow meter. I’ve been guilty of not using it enough and then I have a harder time telling what my true breathing capacity is if I’m experiencing symptoms. Use it regularly every week to get a feel of where you’re supposed to be when you’re feeling ok.
  18. If you’re supposed to be on a maintenance med like an inhaled steroid every day, take it every day. Don’t skip days if you start feeling better. Remember, asthma is a disease of chronic inflammation, and your meds help to control that. I know we all hate taking meds, especially if we’re on a daily dose, but it helps to prevent future flareups.
  19. Research, research, research supplements. There are some herbs and supplements out there that might be beneficial to asthmatics. But manufactures don’t have to get FDA approval before putting their products out on the market. They are self regulated to a certain extent, so they can put pretty much any type of “filler”they want into their pills and claim all sorts of things on their bottles. Unless you’re a chemist and you can test every brand you buy, you’d never know what may actually be in what you take. For example, magnesium supplements may help with asthma. But some brands tested in recent years did not actually contain the amount that was listed on the bottle (as far as how much magnesium was actually in each pill). So, do your research.
  20. Get rid of pesticides in your home. That includes bug and glue traps. They are not truly “non-toxic”. If they get to me, they can get to you. There are many organic and non-toxic ways to get rid of or prevent bugs from getting into your home. Some stores carry a brand of non-toxic bug sprays called Eco Smart. It’s really the only brand my lungs can barely tolerate these days. Look up organic ways to kill or repel bugs online.

Try a few or some of these above. You may find that your lungs improve if you can implement some of them. I know they’ve helped me.

Our homes, an asthmatic sanctuary…

Hello dear readers…

So, I’m home again today with symptoms. This is the 3rd day of work I’ve missed in two weeks due to the fact that some of my coworkers continue to use stuff at the office even after three different emails to the floor by our supervisors about refraining from using air fresheners, perfumes, etc, at work.

Am I frustrated? Um… that’s an understatement. So, now I’m planning to head into work super early before most folks get there on Thursday morning, to try and “eyeball” as many desks as quickly, quietly, and secretly as I can, to see if I can spot what’s getting to me this time. It smells like another liquid diffuser, but it’s hard to tell. Liquid diffusers are one of the worst. Those things not only set my lungs on fire, but swell up my sinuses and give me dizzy spells.


All I know, is after I left work last night, my lungs were “pinched” again and some mystery fragrance had gotten into my hair.

I can’t afford to keep missing work over this, but my job is slowly killing me. Literally. I don’t really blame my coworkers. I’m frustrated and stressed, but not mad at anyone. They don’t know any better (since they are in “fragrance denial”) and like many asthmatics, we tend to tolerate things for awhile, even for years, before we suddenly start reacting to things one day. That’s why it’s so frustrating. Asthma is inconsistent. It also makes us look like crazy people or liars to our bosses because they can’t understand how we could tolerate something for so long, and now we seem to have a problem “out of the blue”.

You and I know it’s never out of the blue… but it may seem that way to others.

As our sensitivities grow, and some of us become more isolated, our homes become our only safe haven, because we have complete control of the air quality there. Some of us may end up on disability (or if we’re able to keep trucking with our current jobs) we start seriously considering working from home. But remote or telecommuting jobs are not always easy to come by, or keep. Many are part-time, seasonal, don’t offer benefits, and usually don’t pay what we currently make to pay our bills. I was even consider becoming an Uber driver until I started reading all the negative things to being an Uber driver. Do I really want riders who might reek of smoke or fragrances in my car? Nope.

So, what then? Create my own YouTube channel and try to make money off of that? Lots of folks blog, but most bloggers write for their own satisfaction since we know our blogs will not get huge followings and stay fairly obscure. There’s simply too much blogging competition out there. Or, some internet pirate will steal our content and pretend to be us somewhere online and somehow make money on our writing, which is frustrating and intriguing at the same time. Hey, our stuff is out there making money! Oh, someone else stole our blogging identity and it’s not us making it. As Morc from Orc would say…”Shazbot!”.

But I digress…

I’m sitting in my rocking chair as I type this, listening the radio and trying to relax since I know I have to go back to work tomorrow and “tough out” whatever symptoms I develop if I can’t find the new “mystery” fragrance that’s getting to me this week.

Today, I am just the girl who has asthma. But tomorrow, I will be (secret) Super Asthma Lung Lady trying to find the source of my current woes.

Wish me luck dear readers!



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