Hello dear readers…

So, I’m home again today with symptoms. This is the 3rd day of work I’ve missed in two weeks due to the fact that some of my coworkers continue to use stuff at the office even after three different emails to the floor by our supervisors about refraining from using air fresheners, perfumes, etc, at work.

Am I frustrated? Um… that’s an understatement. So, now I’m planning to head into work super early before most folks get there on Thursday morning, to try and “eyeball” as many desks as quickly, quietly, and secretly as I can, to see if I can spot what’s getting to me this time. It smells like another liquid diffuser, but it’s hard to tell. Liquid diffusers are one of the worst. Those things not only set my lungs on fire, but swell up my sinuses and give me dizzy spells.


All I know, is after I left work last night, my lungs were “pinched” again and some mystery fragrance had gotten into my hair.

I can’t afford to keep missing work over this, but my job is slowly killing me. Literally. I don’t really blame my coworkers. I’m frustrated and stressed, but not mad at anyone. They don’t know any better (since they are in “fragrance denial”) and like many asthmatics, we tend to tolerate things for awhile, even for years, before we suddenly start reacting to things one day. That’s why it’s so frustrating. Asthma is inconsistent. It also makes us look like crazy people or liars to our bosses because they can’t understand how we could tolerate something for so long, and now we seem to have a problem “out of the blue”.

You and I know it’s never out of the blue… but it may seem that way to others.

As our sensitivities grow, and some of us become more isolated, our homes become our only safe haven, because we have complete control of the air quality there. Some of us may end up on disability (or if we’re able to keep trucking with our current jobs) we start seriously considering working from home. But remote or telecommuting jobs are not always easy to come by, or keep. Many are part-time, seasonal, don’t offer benefits, and usually don’t pay what we currently make to pay our bills. I was even consider becoming an Uber driver until I started reading all the negative things to being an Uber driver. Do I really want riders who might reek of smoke or fragrances in my car? Nope.

So, what then? Create my own YouTube channel and try to make money off of that? Lots of folks blog, but most bloggers write for their own satisfaction since we know our blogs will not get huge followings and stay fairly obscure. There’s simply too much blogging competition out there. Or, some internet pirate will steal our content and pretend to be us somewhere online and somehow make money on our writing, which is frustrating and intriguing at the same time. Hey, our stuff is out there making money! Oh, someone else stole our blogging identity and it’s not us making it. As Morc from Orc would say…”Shazbot!”.

But I digress…

I’m sitting in my rocking chair as I type this, listening the radio and trying to relax since I know I have to go back to work tomorrow and “tough out” whatever symptoms I develop if I can’t find the new “mystery” fragrance that’s getting to me this week.

Today, I am just the girl who has asthma. But tomorrow, I will be (secret) Super Asthma Lung Lady trying to find the source of my current woes.

Wish me luck dear readers!