Hello dear readers…

I have no idea if that’s actually true. (heh) I just thought it made an interesting headline, since Hillary does seem more concerned about healthcare for everyone than Trump.

So, what do you think of this election? Have you decided yet? Will you vote at all? Or has voter apathy reached record heights these days?

It’s hard not to feel apathetic about all the awful choices we have running out there these days, whether it’s a president, congress, alderman and other local offices. It’s just depressing.

And what about the ridiculous amount of money one has to spend just to run these days? That alone, to me personally, is criminal. Because then it is only the people with money who can afford to get into office and make decisions for the rest of us.

We need a wider range of folks who can run. It’s the people who don’t have money who need to be in office, because they know how the majority of the country has to live.

End short political vent…

Anyhoo… as far as an update on my lungs. I did make it into work today, but I’m a bit pinched again, even though I was able to sit in another location today.

Have any of you ever run into an issue with your doctor, where you need a note from him for your employer specifying your sensitivities, and he refuses to help? Yeah, that’s my lovely doc. You may ask, why am I still going to him then? Well, I’ve been with him forever, he’s close to where I work, and I’d have to redo all my allergy testing all over again if I changed docs.

But for some reason, when I asked him for help with this type of note for work, he told me that “he didn’t want to get involved”. I was like, huh? You’re my doctor. You’re supposed to get involved. Who else would I be able to get this kind of note from, my dentist?

I started to wonder if it’s due to medical lawsuits and doctors are afraid to get too involved in a patient’s work life, in case the doctor might be called into court to testify (or something) for a patient who might sue a workplace that made them sick.

I dunno. Just another frustration I have to deal with as an asthmatic. Stubborn doctors.

I hope you are having a lovely Thursday night, and… oh yeah, Cubs win!!!