Hello dear readers…

So, due to my ongoing issues with my lungs lately, my employer wanted me to get an updated note from my doctor, specifying my sensitivities. That, my friends was a problem. I tried to get a note like this from him years ago, and he flat out refused, saying, and I quote, “I do not want to get involved.”

I was shocked when he said this to me. I tried to argue but he would have none of it. So, at the time, since I was desperate to get some kind of note due to the fact that I would have lost my job without one, I started making the rounds of other doctors to see if I could find someone to help me.

I kid you not, it took four more doctors before I found one who was willing to help with this kind of note. The others seemed sympathetic but they seemed just as uncomfortable as he was in helping me, but at least they were nicer about it rejecting me at the time.

I did finally find one doctor to help me, but he told me to write out the note and then he’d sign it, which I did, and they put it in my employee folder at work.(Crying in his office seemed to help encourage him to help me. When all else fails, cry). Case closed.

But now that note is almost ten years old and my employers want an updated one. So, I had to see my doctor last night anyway for some steroid meds due to a recent flareup triggered by some air fresheners at work that some of the girls were using. (Air fresheners are the devil).

I decided to try a different strategy and as he was writing down notes, I told him I needed to ask him a question. He paused and gave me his full attention (he really is a good and kind doctor most of the time which is why I’m still with him after all these years).

I asked him if he was a Cubs fan. He immediately started to beam and excitedly started sharing his adventures in the city the night before. I am not a sports or baseball fan, but I felt genuinely happy for him and nodded my head while smiling accordingly.

After he went back to jotting down more notes I told him I needed to ask him another question. This time he paused a bit but looked back up at me. So, then I proceeded to ask him about needing another updated note from my doctor, specifying my chemical sensitivities. I cringed, waiting for the rejection. He paused a bit, looked at the ceiling and then started to speak as if not sure what to say….I quickly interjected and told him that my employer didn’t care if I wrote the note, they just needed a doctor to sign it. (that was a bit of a white lie but what did it matter if I wrote it as long as he reviewed it before he signed it?)

Then he seemed to find his words and gave me a stern look and proceeded to tell me, that he might be ok with that, but I would have to word the note a certain way, etc, etc. I sat there feeling pleasantly surprised, because I was sooo sure he would not help again. And then I’d have to try and go back to the doctor who did help me with a note almost ten years ago, who I had no idea would help me again, if he was still in practice, etc.

I had dreaded this doctor’s appointment. But my anxiety over it won’t disappear completely, until my current doctor’s signature is on the final note that I draft.

But it did make me wonder now, as it did then, why are so many doctors afraid to help patients with more specific notes for their employers? Is it the fear of lawsuits, or just getting tangled in a patient’s work issues at all? I can’t quite figure it out.

So, that is my goal this weekend. Draft a simple (and to the point) note, that he finds acceptable and will sign for me.

I am crossing my fingers dear readers and I’ll keep you posted on my ongoing asthma drama.

Until then… toodles…