Hello dear readers…

I used to love Halloween, years ago. Now, due to my growing fragrance and chemical sensitivities, all this time of year does is throw me into the pits of despair.

*curls up in a corner and cries*

I used to love holiday decorations too. Now, I have started to loathe them. Mostly, due to the fact that many of them are made cheaply, and some are sprayed down with fragrances. I don’t know what god awful chemicals are sprayed on decorations these days, but modern Halloween ones seem to “reek” of some of the worst. (Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations are just as bad!).

They always flare my lungs up now, always. It drives me bonkers, because every year I have to put up with breathing in various fragrances from things that folks bring in or put up at work.

The fake spider webbing is especially bad, because the webs act like “stringy sponges” hanging everywhere, capturing other fragrances in the air around them. So, on top of whatever additional fragrances are in the decorations, the webs also start to smell like various air fresheners, perfumes, etc, that may be in the office. (Air fresheners are the devil).


Of course, as asthmatics, we look like jerks if we want certain decorations taken down. So, we usually “tough” out the holidays even if experiencing regular symptoms, counting the days until the decorations are finally taken or packed away.

Haunted houses have also now become a problem for me. Various smoke machines, fragrances in the air, and other odors trigger my symptoms. So, now I avoid those too.

When Christmas decorations start going up at the stores, so do the additional shelves of those lovely “smelly” holiday candles and other various holiday items that have added fragrances to them.


If most of the public were aware of how toxic these additional “scents” added to various holiday products are to the lungs, they might think twice about buying them every year.

Or, maybe they wouldn’t care. They have “normal” lungs and can tolerate “normal’ things my lungs cannot. Most folks don’t notice things that can’t get to them directly.

But unfortunately, for us “strained breathers”… we notice everything. We don’t have a choice. We’d like to enjoy the Christmas tree that was put up at the office, but now our nose and lungs are telling us that something on the tree, or the tree itself may be sprayed with something that’s going to make us absolutely miserable for over a month.

So, for the poor respiratory challenged, sometimes the holidays are indeed, bah humbug!


– SALL (Super Asthma Lung Lady)