Hello dear readers…

How ya doin’ this week? How’s the weather in your area? Is it as schizophrenic as ours in Illinois?

Ya know, 70 degrees one day with rain, then the temp drops around 40 degrees so that you can have snow the next? (I am not kidding, that has actually happened this week)

Ah, the fall… the most wonderful… retched time of the year. In Lake County they still allow “fall burning” in certain areas. Ugh. My lungs hate that. They hate smoke of any kind. It’s not just the odor, but the little particulates floating around in the air that can get down keep into the lungs.

So, I am officially miserable for a few months in the fall. I used to love this time of year, along with spring. Not so much anymore.

I realize that I should be grateful that I live in a country where the government at least tries to clean up the air for us. If I lived in China or any other developing countries that are not regulating their air pollution, I’d be long dead by now.

But the fall can still be frustrating for folks like me, because I can’t go playfully jump into a pile of raked leaves. The mold growing in the leaves, or anything else stirred up into the air can now send me into a coughing fit. But I enjoyed raking them as a kid.

Why do things have to get worse we we get older. I used to love the smell of a smoking grill outside when folks would throw on meat to cook in the summer. Now, I have to make sure I’m inside if I visit a friend who wants to grill. But I still get wistful memories when I notice it in the air.

So, when I used to see all those raked piles of leaves as a kid, I used to think it was fun and neat. Now, when I drive by and see them in yards in the fall, I’m filled with a sense of dread. “Look at all the dead fuel for burning and fires!” Ugh.

I don’t know if I believe in God, but I do believe in an afterlife, and in the next one, I want really strong healthy lungs that can handle all kinds of hazards.

I just want to enjoy raking leaves again, man. Have a good weekend, all.

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